Sunday, September 7, 2008

McCain Can... understated sincerity and genuineness.

McCain did not blow the roof off the Xcel Center when he spoke the other night. Instead, (he left that to Sarah Palin) he spoke in a way that most Americans want their President to speak, with credibility of character, resoluteness, and sincerity. His genuineness won the night. I will say that he probably played better on television than he did to a rowdy group of partisans in the hall, but that's okay. What he had was complete support for his pick for Veep, and a united group of converted Republicans that are ready to go back home and spread the gospel of of McCain/Palin. Watch his convention speech here...

Let's face it, McCain was not my first choice nor was he the first choice of most Republicans. (yeah, I know that he was the nominee, but that is based on a winner take all presidential primary system that certainly needs to be studied, reviewed and probably changed; if for example all primaries were proportional, Romney probably would be our nominee today just because of his top two finishes almost everywhere he went...). But, a wise friend, Congressman James V. Hansen of Utah, taught me an important principle... "you don't shoot the race horse that wins 7 out of ten races...". Now admittedly, I'm not sure I'm even in the 70% agreement level with McCain... But, to carry the analogy a little further, McCain wins the

Triple Crown of Presidential Politics.

National Defense/Homeland Security
: I trust John McCain to make the right decisions to keep our country safe at home and abroad. This is a President's number one duty.

Taxes and Spending, keeping the Bush cuts in place and further reducing Government burdens on business and families: McCain has committed to veto tax increases and to seek further cuts where practical. Tax cuts help the economy and with McCain's penchant for wanting to veto... I can't wait for the first pork barrell spending bill to hit his desk.

Judiciary appointments, whether Supreme Court or other Federal appointees: This is Huge. And the President is in the drivers seat on this one especially.

If McCain were only right on these three items, it would be enough this year for me to work for his election. Let's face it... Obama/Biden is the most liberal combo to hit the presidential trail in a very long time. Not just liberal, but a near perfect socialist oriented agenda. When you rely on the government to take care of its citizens cradle to grave we are approaching the european solution, which is not where I want America to go.

Lesser of Two Evils?
I don't agree with those that say we have a candidate that is the lesser of two evils... I don't buy that either candidate is evil... but there are options, and there are better options and best options... and in this case, there is an unfortunate option. Obama is style over substance... until you are faced with paying for the substance of what he is proposing, and that would be unfortunate indeed.

McCain IS the better option.

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