Sunday, September 7, 2008

Cindy McCain made me a believer

I have to admit, I thought of Cindy McCain as a rich girl that got it all from her daddy and all she had to do was write the check, philanthropic or not. Well, she is the rich girl alright, and she did get it from her daddy, but she didn't just write the check. She got down and dirty, rolled up her sleeves and got busy with many charitable, philanthropic and humanitarian causes (completely independent of what John McCain was doing) and showed she had a heart full of compassion and was willing to act on that compassion with more than a checkbook.

The story of her adopting one child and making possible an adoption of another child to one of their employees is a compelling and touching story. These two girls from India have a life, both literallyand figuratively. They are blessed because a woman had compassion and acted upon those feelings.

I also have to admit that I didn't like the way she looked. Oh sure, she was attractive, but who told her to pull her hair back during the entire primary season? She looked like the ice queen, or as some more dipolmatic would say, "she had a severe hair style that was not becoming". Either way, having her hair down, some bangs etc. really softened her look and made her appear much more attractive and seemingly more approachable.

And she gave a great speech... no kidding, I was really impressed with her poise and her words.
After seeing her speak I have literally done a 180 degree turn on how I felt about her and believe she will be an extraordinary first lady.

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