Wednesday, January 27, 2010

State of the Union - Obama Still Doesn't Get It

People aren't mad at government because Obama failed to communicate effectively how good his policies are... People are mad at government precisely because Obama, Pelosi and Reid have clearly communicated their liberal progressive agenda. They have made it clear that they believe Government is the answer, the solution, the panacea. Even though the President paid lip service to things that we can all agree on (like getting together and listening to alternatives), he has done that before and unfortunately completely ignored his promises for bipartisanship and transparency. Fool me once, shame on me; Fool me twice shame on you! I'm not sure the people will buy his aw shucks routine tonight.

And pulease... when he talks about how we "can't wait" to do certain things to shore up our economy... why the heck didn't he talk about getting busy on building real energy independence by increasing production and refining capability for oil, gas, and coal. That would do more to bolster the economy and lead to a stronger national defense. But no... he was very weak on energy notwithstanding his mention of nuclear (like that will ever happen while the democrats are in power). As all the Democrats have been.

Props to the president about disclosing on-line all earmarks. If he gets it done, I'll give him the credit. Now, rather than disclosing earmarks... why not just get rid of them.

Newly inaugurated Virginia Governor McDonald did a terrific job giving the Republican response (Sorry Governor Jindal... he put your performance of last year to shame).

He hit on the key issues and reiterated the key points that distinguish the Republican philosophy of job creation and energy independence. Good Job!

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wendylou said...

Here, Here bruce! I like that you put your opinons out there for all to see and hear and to reflect on...good job!