Friday, January 29, 2010

Oh Yeah, Mr. President... Do You Remember We are in a War Against Terrorists?

President Obama's State of the Union was basically devoid of any mention of the terrorist threats and declarations of war against the United States. After the Christmas Day Underwear Bomber I would have thought that we might get an update on how the President is actually doing something that is in his job description, i.e.; provide for the common defense/protect the United States and its citizens against enemies from without and within. But for some reason... it didn't make the cut with him or his speech writers...

But criticizing the Supreme Court when they actually overturn bad court decisions and legislation and return free speech rights to the citizens of this country was more important? The President and New York Senator Chuck Schumer are cut from the same cloth on this one... not only was his snipe at the court unprecedented (we have to go back to FDR when he wanted to stack the court to see such disdain from the president towards the highest court of the land). Of course Schumer thinks the court decision to return 1st Amendment rights to the people is "unAmerican". Man alive, what is he smoking, drinking, or hallucinating on?

But I digress... what about the terrorists!!! Oh yeah, we are going to move them out of Gitmo (not actually located inside the boundaries of our country!) and give them safe haven in New York City, pay to give them legal counsel and create a media circus instead of treating them like the military combatants they really are... these guys did not rob a 7-11 convenience store. They want to crash planes into buildings, blow up planes and buildings, kill as many of our citizens as they can and create mayhem to our economic and social systems. What is it about these terrorists and their intentions doesn't the President understand. I'm sure Mayor Bloomberg is excited about the economic impact on his city by holding this sham trial in New York City, let alone the potential threats to the safety of the burroughs and citizens.

The fact is... Obama doesn't get it. His arrogance, palpable to most of us who watch him perform with his beloved teleprompter, is obvious to everyone but himself apparently.

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avodlp said...

How many times must we tell you?! This man is NOT Constitutionally, legally, the President of anything. NON-immigrant foreigners are not permitted to install their off-spring as Commander-in-Chief of the United States Armed Forces.
The first children born of the first pledged citizens are the first natural born citizens of the new nation