Thursday, August 28, 2008

RNC Summer Meeting and Rules Committee Orientation, I need a nap...

Meetings began today with a Western Region RNC Breakfast that allowed reports from the state delegations and a brief message from Mike Duncan. Afterwards we spend time in our regular RNC meeting going through reports of the standing committees. A bit of time was spent going over the rules committee report to the RNC who in turn voted to send the report as amended to the rules committee on which National Committeewoman Enid Greene Mickelson and I are members. We, along with 163 other members of the Convention Rules Committee, will debate and vote on the rules which will be presented to the Convention which will vote on the rules that will govern the party for the next four years.

At lunch, Senator Norm Coleman of Minnesota ( to us and had a couple of good lines... like, "the Obama campaign is a lot like the TV show Seinfeld, entertaining but all about nothing"! (Incidently, he is being challenged by Al Franken the pseudo-comedic writer/performer... I'm not sure he has had a line as funny as the one Senator Coleman delivered above...) On a serious side he explained that the best way to solve welfare, healthcare, etc. was to create jobs... having a good job pretty much solves most of the entitlement issues if the government keeps taxes low and keeps regulations at a minimum. He emphasized that the last thing we want is to have the same government that messed up Katrina, Social Security, and Medicare to be in charge of Universal Health Care... I think we can agree that that would be a disaster. The guy is full of energy and may even be a little have a little ADD...

Congressman Kevin McCarthy of the California's 22nd District ( has been heading the committee on Resolutions, better known as the Platform Committee. He pointed out that we have had the most open platform process in history, including use of the internet, texting, youtube and other technologies to provide input into the process... thousands responded with ideas. Check out this link to see how cool the process is this convention... (, who is young 1st termer, pointed out that they produced a document half the size as before but with twice the content... it will be available on-line as soon as it has been voted upon.

Who's it going to be for the Veep? Check out the media searches and internet hits for the four leading contenders... ( the red line is Romney and the yellow is Lieberman... very interesting... even when Lieberman gets press on speaking at the Republican National Convention... Romney spikes in searchs even without additional press coverage... hmmmmmm.

Glenn Beck says the Event Investment site indicates that Romney had a huge spike this last week beyond the media coverage that he has recieved.

By the way... five states place the VP in nomination at the convention.... how nice would it be if Utah, which gave Romney 90% of its presidential primary vote, could be one of those states... or would it send the wrong message to the rest of the country that he is the "mormon" candidate? What do you think?

Okay, here is the obligatory photo op with Republican National Committee Chairman Mike Duncan.... Who by the way is doing a pretty good job of "managing" the committee... I'll let you know how the "leadership" side of that equation is as time goes on...

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