Sunday, May 11, 2008

State Convention - May 10th

Utah Republican Party State Convention
Saturday May 10, 2008

A big thanks to all those who supported me and helped me win the office of National Committeeman. A special thanks to Mac "Mr. Mac" Christensen who contacted many of you by phone and to Loraine Pace, my former State Vice Chair for introducing me to the convention.

Loraine Pace, Cache County former Legislator and Party Vice Chair

Loraine Pace, and Bruce with his mouth open once again!

and thanks to my youngest daughter Hailey (left) and her friend Sydney for passing out literature and licorice, and just looking cute...

We had a fairly abbreviated time for speeches (3 minutes) so I wasn't able to give too much of my political philosophy to the convention. But, I'll keep the blog open for reports on my tenure as National Committee man over the next 4 years and will look foward to your input as well.


Shante said...

Congrats Bruce! I know I've already said that but I wanted to leave you a comment too.Love you

Big Riles said...

Bruce - You are a big deal! Way to go.

Riley (3rd Oldest Son)