Monday, March 4, 2013

Sequester... a Fabricated Disaster

It is incredibly disengenuous of the POTUS to be playing the blame game on something that he created...  As his former chief of staff was fond of saying, "Never let a crisis go to waste..."; why should you if you can leverage it with the media and the public to marginalize your opposition and ultimately get what you want.  Remember, only in Washington D.C. is a "Cut" defined as a reduction in next years "Increase"!  That is what we are talking about.  What it really does is take everyone's attention away from the really important work of tax reform, entitlement reform, energy costs, a failing foreign policy, and more.  The master of deflection and misdirection has done it again... we are talking about "crumbs" when we need to be talking about the pie.

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Jim Ferrin said...

Good comments Bruce. We Republicans should complain that the sequester represents budgeting at its worst - without leadership, deliberation, or intent. But, it is, at least, budget cutting (sort of.. if reducing the amount of increase can be called a "cut"). Americans were pretty upset with the "fiscal cliff" aspects of rising taxes because it affected everyone. And, of course, Congress acted, just past the last minute. But, as for govt. spending. Clearly Americans are not as exercised over budget cuts. The fact is, aside from unnecessary federal workers (necessary ones need not worry) nobody seems to be very upset that the federal budget will be cut. Congress knows this. That's why they felt no pressure to come to an agreement to avoid it. And that sheds some light on the American psyche - Most Americans are not as enamoured with federal spending as Washington politicos would have us believe. Cut the budget 2%? - lay off some federal workers? Big yawn of a response from the public - even after the pre-sequester hype. Y2K all over again?