Wednesday, August 15, 2012

R Squared - Romney and Ryan

If anyone had any doubts about how serious Mitt Romney is about getting America's fiscal house in order and doing what is right and not expedient, one only need look at his bold and yes, courageous selection of House Member from Wisconsin Paul Ryan as his Vice Presidential running mate.

The number one qualification to be Vice President?  You need to an effective President immediately if the unthinkable happens to the President. Paul Ryan is qualified, has the temperament, and yes the gravitas for the position.  I cannot say the same for the gaffe master, Joe Biden (even if he and our oldest son did graduate from Syracuse Law School. Joe did acknowledge that the school had raised their standards substantially since he went to school there!)  I will be looking forward to the Vice Presidential Debate with as much interest as the Presidential.  It will be like a Nascar Race... just waiting for the car crash that will be a Biden Boo Boo...

The Democrats demagogued nearly before the words of Romney's choice had passed his lips.  They thought, and some still think, "oh boy, are we ever going to have a field day with Ryan... The Ryan Budget Plan and Medicare will be our drum beat!"  Never mind that the medicare issue is actually an issue Republicans win if there is an honest dialogue and people listen carefully to the facts.  

For starters, the Ryan plan doesn't touch Medicare for those who are already 55 and older and for those who are already on Medicare; and that Obama "stole" $700 billion from Medicare to fund Obamacare (which the majority of people in this country do not want!).  

So let's face it.  Ryan is a great choice, he's smart, has great values, and is a stud!  The guy does P-90X every morning for heaven's sake!  Have you seen that work out?  Watching it will wear you out.  This is a guy who has experience, discipline, intelligence, and a family foundation that makes him an incredibly solid choice.

Romney made a great choice... 

 Does Ryan look a bit bored listening to me explain that a golf ball in Park City travels farther than at sea level?
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