Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Walker, Wisconsin, We, All Need Help

It is crazy to think that a newly elected Governor who basically has KEPT his campaign promises, is being subjected to a year long recall effort that robs everyone of time, money, and focus on the most important things... wait a minute, "robs...time, money, and focus on the important things"; sounds like a just created a definition for democrats, big labor, and big government...  they are truly experts in that arena.

Just think what could be accomplished if those elected to govern were allowed to do what they campaigned they would do... it is a massive case of sour grapes and the Unions can't stand it... so what do they do?  They commit to spend $60 million to "recall" (overturn an election) Governor Walker, the Lt. Governor and several State Senators. 

And what is the Governor's crime?  Oh, reforming government spending... by having union members pay part of their health insurance (I pay for part of my health insurance, don't you? and is that too much too ask really?), among other things to cut spending and control the size of government.  Walker's problem is that he was honest with the citizens of Wisconsin by telling them that the state was on an unsustainable course that would bankrupt everyone!  And then he had the temerity to actually propose and pass a solution! 

I was privileged to help create a statement that was passed unanimously by the RNC Executive Committee last week.  Thanks. to Cindy Costa of South Carolina for encouraging its formation and 2nding the motion.  See the article by Peter Hamby below.

The RNC Executive Committee drafted and approved a statement supporting Gov. Scott Walker in the race against "the national big money, big labor attempt to disenfranchise the voters of Wisconsin through their current recall efforts."

The statement of support, crafted by Utah National Committeeman Bruce Hough and South Carolina National Committeewoman Cindy Costa, reads:

"This is a clarion call to everyone in this country to protect the integrity of elections. If this recall effort is successful in Wisconsin it will embolden big labor to overturn other elections throughout the country. Big labor has committed to spend an unprecedented $60 million to recall a governor who only dared to be honest with the people of Wisconsin on how to get spending and the cost of government under control."
The RNC, which is chaired by Wisconsin native and Walker friend Reince Priebus, is engaged in voter contact efforts and get-out-the-vote operations for the race. 

It might be an optimistic assessment for a state that hasn't voted Republican in a presidential race since 1984, but top GOP officials say that a win for Walker in the June recall will rally their base and leave Democrats dispirited for the presidential race in November, giving them a chance to pick off Wisconsin's 10 electoral votes.


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