Thursday, April 12, 2012

Ann Romney - Working Woman

Seriously, this is getting ridiculous. Who would suggest that a full-time mother of five boys is not "work". Oh yeah, that's right... those who do not esteem women as equals, those who don't believe raising children is the most important task a parent can be engaged in, those who think that the family is a lesser environment than a day-care center, those who are... what's the word? Selfish. What's another word? Hypocrites. It demonstrates how out of touch the left is with mainstream America. Of course there are many single parent working moms and dads that try to balance both the bread winning and the nurturing. They are heroes. But to suggest that a stay at home mom, who chooses to stay at home, is somehow a lesser person who's opinion, intellect, and understanding does not warrant our respect is exactly how I started this, ridiculous. By the way, won't Ann make a fabulous First Lady? See the link below for her interview on Fox News. (there is probably a commercial right before so be patient)

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kathyalden said...

Well said my friend!