Monday, March 26, 2012

The Perfect Combination of Leadership and Management - Mitt Romney

I have known Mitt Romney since 1993 when his company, Bain Capital, invested in a company I helped form. And yes, Bain Capital received a very good return on their investment. As for our company? We grew from 90 employees to nearly 900 employees, most of whom reside and work in Utah. We have spent tens of millions of dollars on building manufacturing and distribution facilities and have paid corporate taxes far in excess of the average corporate taxes in other countries. (Something Mitt has on his agenda to fix!) We've also done this without a government subsidy or special benefits. We are simply a product of the free market at work (notwithstanding being subject to federal regulations and a bureaucracy that is not only costly to comply with but sometimes lacks basic common sense for our industry.)

Because I live and work in Utah, I have had the added benefit of seeing the Salt Lake Winter Olympic games become the model of both a global sporting goodwill event and a fiscal success unparalleled in the history of the games. Mitt Romney lead the effort that included an outstanding executive team and thousands of volunteers. He was the right person, at the right time, in the right place.

I helped raise money for Mitt's run for Governor of Massachusetts. Did I agree with everything that happened in Massachusetts under the Governor's watch... no. But then I don't agree with everything that happens in my own state, or even in my own household. But I am very proud of the Governor for his incredible accomplishments in a state that is overwhelmingly democrat... the courage he had in vetoing hundreds of legislative actions (yes, he was at times over ridden by his super majority democrat legislature), his balancing the budget, his lowering taxes 19 times, and the list goes on.

I appreciate Mitt's understanding of the founding principles of federalism. State's powers versus federal government encroachment on those powers. This is a huge differentiation between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama. This is fundamental in how we view our future as a country, and no other candidate can claim the experience to show such a sharp contrast with the President Obama.

Let's face it. Senators and Congressman don't have a great track record in the Executive office. Governor's do so much better, and now it's time to add to that, someone who also has main street business experience.

This election is about restoring our faith in the free market system, jobs and the economy, limiting governments role, and doing the right things and doing them the right way. That is the perfect combination of Leadership (doing the right things) and Management (doing things the right way), and no one has that combination in this race for President except Mitt Romney.

Join me in supporting Mitt and in encouraging all Republican, Reagan Democrats, Independents and other like minded individuals to unite in electing Mitt Romney as our next President of the United States.

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