Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Fathers Day

I am very grateful for my father... Both of them.

My Father in Heaven for sending me here to experience life and to learn to love and obey him. I am grateful that he sent his son to atone for my sins so that I have the opportunity to return to Him. I love my Father in Heaven.

My father on earth will also be my father forever in our eternal family. But our time together here and now is what I am most grateful for. My dad and I did a lot of stuff together when I was growing up. He was a radio announcer so he was involved in a lot of things that allowed him to use his talents behind a microphone... He DJ'd dances, announced triple A baseball, the drag races, hydroplane races, and many a parade. This meant free entry to all kinds of venues for a young kid that had the curiosity and fearlessness to wander those venues in search of adventure and as many discarded beer and pop bottles I could redeem for a hamburger and a 7 Up soda. (my mother would have killed me if I'd had a cola).

I felt like we were buddies doing stuff itogether in a grown up world. I would run errands for the adults working those venues and felt like a contributor when they needed me. But most of the time dad did his thing and I did mine and then we had the drive home to talk about it or when we could do it again.

Dad got roped into teaching a class at Felts field for the local Civil Air Patrol and I signed up as a cadet. There was a lot that I enjoyed about the CAP, but most of all was the ride home when we stopped at the Taco Time for a tostada. (it seemed they were always playing "Judy in Disguise with Glasses" or "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds!!!")

We did a lot of other stuff too... working in the yard and garden, water and snow skiing etc. But, in retrospect, the most important thing was, we just did stuff together.

People have called him Bob, Bobby, Bubblehead Bob, or the Voice of North Idaho, but I just call him dad... And, I love my dad, in part im sure because we did stuff together. Happy Dad's Day dad.

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