Sunday, May 1, 2011

Bin Laden Dead

Congratulations to our military and intelligence communities on successfully eliminating Usama Bin Laden as a personal threat to our security. Though this does not end the threat of Al Quaeda he rother extremists from attacking the U.S., it does end an important chapter in bringing to justice he who planned the attack on the U.S. on 9/11. Hopefully, there is some sense of closure for the families of the victims of that horrific day.
Congratulations also to the President of the U.S. for authorizing American personnel to carry out this important mission. He gave credit to President Bush for his efforts and I believe gave one of his most objective and content worthy speeches of his tenure. Though the only time I felt he may have been speaking to shore up his political capital was his repeated use of the "I" pronoun in the middle of his remarks. We all know that this was a ten year effort undertaken by professional and career intelligence and military personnel. Nevertheless, congratulations on the stunning result on his watch.

Hopefully, someday, we wil be able to read about one of the most important covert operations in American history. Oh, and can I say how incredibly impressed I am that this has been kept a secret for a full week... That has to be a first.


Drama Momma said...

It is interesting isn't it. I think it wasn't a full week, I also think that it was up for consideration to be released on May 2 not May 1st.

He also said, it happened tonight in the speech. I think that was recorded before but the Royal Wedding likely interrupted the timing. We won't really know until he is out of office, but keeping anything quiet this long is pretty amazing in today's world be it three days or one!

Jon Jon said...

Well said, Bruce.

I'm looking forward to hearing the whole story, but maybe we never will.

I have a feeling a few other of his ilk are looking over their shoulders now.