Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Irony of the Scott Brown Win

Scott Brown's upset victory tonight, winning the U.S. Senate Seat in Massachusetts (did I spell that right?) caps off a great season of Republican victories following the governors' races in Virginia and New Jersey. The fact that Brown convincingly defeated the "machine" in a state that has had a Kennedy in office for a half century does not occur without my feeling a strong sense of irony.

By becoming the 41st Republican Senator and thereby giving Republicans a chance for debate on the issues before the Senate, it is very possible that Obamacare will actually be debated and see the light of day before a final vote.

The Irony is that Senator Ted Kennedy, a tireless advocate of big government and a champion of universal health care, whose very name adorns the current legislation, may have, by his passing, created the only opportunity that Republicans have to stop the madness that is the current road toward nationalized health care.

The more Americans know about this proposed legislation, the more clear it is that we need to abandon the overreaching of this currently progressive liberal congress. Come on, seriously... 85% of Americans have health insurance and after a plan that costs trillions of dollars, there will still be 12.5% of Americans still uninsured! Are you kidding? Don't change what is good and works just to insure 2.5% of the population. That is ridiculous.

We have choices. Massachusetts made a great choice tonight. Let's hope that it is the beginning of more good choices to come. To quote Scott Brown, "We can do better"... and not just by electing Republicans over Democrats, but by electing better candidates overall. Candidates who will live, act, and vote in accordance with the principles our founding fathers enumerated in the constitution and who have read and support the Republican Platform.

The legacy of Ted Kennedy may have been written tonight with the election of Scott Brown, not how Kennedy would have wished it written of course... and that my friends, is irony indeed.

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Amy said...

Proud to be from MA! I voted for Brown! People can criticize all they like.. they haven't been here to hear and feel the movement that occurred over the past few weeks. Scott Brown won this election as soon as he said in debate "with all do respect sir, this is the people's seat". This state was electrified to move! PS, Love the Hough's on DWTS!