Monday, October 19, 2009

RNC Chairman Michael Steele Visits Utah

Michael Steele visited Utah this past week for a luncheon and a town hall styled meeting with Utah's Governor Gary Herbert. Steele has an easy familial style as he talks about the importance of focusing on what Republicans have in common versus what some in the party tend to do (to the delight of those outside of the party) in focusing on our differences. Though some may think Steele started out a little rocky when he was first elected (including himself) as he spoke to the media like he used to speak as a candidate and a commentator...

He has already come a long way in representing the party effectively in many ways.

First, he has done a good job of administratively organizing the party's staff and filling key positions, some of whom are highly talented people that have not been that involved in organized party politics.

Second, fundraising has been terrific. He has utilized the technology and the issues to make the RNC first rate as a fundraising enterprise, which is a primary responsibility of a political party.

Third, he has not shyed away from the hard job of speaking out on issues that are fundamental to the party and at the same time not cowtow to the elected party leaders in the U.S. Congress. Though we want a cooperative and "simpatico" relationship with our representatives and senators, we cannot abrogate our responsibility as the party when they do not fulfill their commitments to their constituents and to the members of their own party. Steele has stood up and on the ideological right ground.

Finally, he has a sense of humor. Politics can be humorless at times, especially in such serious times. Not taking yourself so serious and being able to appropriately add humor to serious subjects of discussion is a gift not found often in political circles. It adds to the communications process and afterall, the chairman is our chief communicator for the party.

Mr. Chairman, thanks for stopping in Utah for a chance to see you in action on the ground and to help out the local party as we begin the process of preparing for the 2010 elections.

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