Wednesday, March 11, 2009

And Congrats to the Utah Senate for their vote to protect the Secret Ballot

Going along with Republicans acting like Republicans and my response under comments to a reader questioning my homework on "card check", all I can say is congratulations to the Utah Senate for giving the citizens of the the State of Utah the right to vote (in secret ballot) for a constitutional amendment to guarantee our rights to a secret ballot in all elections established by local, state, federal governments and in the determination to establish (or not establish) a collective bargaining unit in the workplace.  This is extremely important... and now the battle begins on the federal level...

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Jason The said...

At which point -- if the Gov doesn't see the wisdom in vetoing this particular piece of idiocy that apparently has you suckered -- we start saving for expensive litigation once the federal bill passes.

Again, provide me with the portion of the EFCA that prohibits secret ballots in unionization efforts.

Justify for me why I should not be extremely suspicious when anti-union organizations and representatives in a "right to work state" suddenly have grave concern for the right of employees to unionize?

And further justify your attempt at intentional misinformation by including the phrase "local, state government" in your "secret ballot" praises. Those types of elections are not even in question or relevant to this discussion.

The problem with fighting the low information voting in this state is that so many -- yourself now included -- are all to eager to be reactionary rather than rational when assessing what is or is not worthy of legislation, or what is or is not an honest debate.

This one has not been honest, and you deserve the loss of respect garnered for parroting the mindless meme on this issue.

Stand proud, fool! I believe that's the Shakespeare phrase your post reminds me of. Thankfully, better information is getting out there on this issue than what Carl Wimmer and Mr. Hough have offered us.