Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Stimulus Bill, or should I say StimuLIE Bill Signed today... Look What's Inside!!!

President Obama signed the bill in Colorado, (oh yes, a swing state...) after having it available for three whole days... but wait, I thought congress absolutely had to pass the bill on Friday or the country would never recover! No waiting for congress to actually read the thing... Hey they had the entire holiday weekend to read it, since Obama decided it was more important to have a press avail and photo op today than to rush his signature to save the nation!!!

I can't help but believe if they had waited a little longer that the outrage of the public would have made this much more difficult to pass... much to our benefit if it had been killed and they started over on a real stimulus bill instead of an entitlement and spending bill. This bill will make about 60% of the population beholden to the federal government for something... what an interesting way to buy votes... use scare tactics and the threat of total catastrophe to push through a social agenda that would not see the light of day in normal times...

Check out the link below to see how your state will do in getting largesse from Obama and compay (or should I say, Snow, Collins, and Spector and Company!).


No wonder, governors have been lining up with their hands out...


Jason The said...

How reasonable Bruce! And carefully sourced as well. But somehow you missed the state budget released today?

Don't get me wrong. I'm encouraging all Republicans to line up behind Utah refusing the stimulus funds. Go public with the campaign. Wage a war on the spending. Quote Hoover. Seriously. Dare you.

Also, for those wanting a more reality based approach than they read here, Here's a breakdown (pdf) of what Utah will get, and where it will go.

Looks like some job creating stuff there, if you ask me.

Jason The said...

Eh, one link just isn't enough to counter the vacant analysis Bruce provides:

Overview on American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act on Working Families

Employment Numbers by State

JM Bell said...

I thought it was pretty funny that I was reading the last few pages of the bill while watching CSPAN as Bohner was standing before the House, weeping that there wasn't enough time to read it.

I don't know if the spending will work or not, but, it was nice to see the federal government doing something with an eye toward fixing a problem, instead of pretending to be something that they're not. You know, like the last batch did -