Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Rock and Roll at the Rock and Roll Hotel in D.C.

My son Derek has a band, now known as the Ballas Hough Band (www.myspace.com/ballashoughband) that will be playing in Washington D.C. on Thursday Night at the Rock and Roll Hotel in D.C.  He and Mark Ballas are dancing in the Dancing with the Stars Tour at the Verizon Center and as soon as they finish, they high tail it over to the Rock and Roll Hotel to play a gig... come see him... they are really cookin'.  They are signed by Hollywood Records and release a single the first part of February and their CD March 10th...  It's all good rock/pop/funk in an all ages venue... so it will be great... I'm guessing they will start playing after 10:30 pm...  Love to see you there!!!

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