Saturday, December 13, 2008

What am I looking for in the next RNC Chairman?

The number one thing I am looking for in a new leader is, oddly enough, Leadership (Giuliani, Jack Welch). I want Leadership that people want to follow; not because of charisma, but because of reliable courage to make the right decisions based on correct principles; in other words, doing the right things... doing what is right.

I am looking for someone with good native intelligence, ability, and work ethic; I'm looking for competence, in other words Management. I'm looking for someone to do things right.

This includes but is not limited to attracting the right people with the right skills, temperment, and core principles to implement programs and policies of the RNC; which will most certainly include the use of technology to its fullest and most beneficial extent and putting boots (people and money) on the ground in precincts, legislative districts, counties, congressional districts, states, etc..

I am looking for a politically astute person (Lee Atwater) who has the right strategic and tactical instincts but can relate to both the local grassroots activist as well as the politically elite and congressional leadership. I am looking for a person of understanding and the will to implement the programs and policies that follow understanding political realities.

I am looking for someone who can effectively articulate conservative principles (Ronald Reagan); and not just the talking points, but someone who truly speaks from their core beliefs. The genuine articulation of these principles will not only need to be spoken to the converted, but to the undecideds, the independents, and yes, even to the loyal opposition and unfriendly press.

I am looking for someone with credibility and peer stature with the media, congressional leaders and other elected officials and someone who will have the character and courage to stand as the loyal proposition; promoting core Republican values even when opposition comes from our own elected representatives.

I am looking for someone who has big ideas (Gingrich) or can gather into the party those with the big ideas and the will to effectively advocate them. Sometimes the big idea is realizing that a lot of small ideas steadily implemented can make a big difference.

I hope I'm not asking for too much... but hey, it is Christmas time...


Edward said...

My name is Edward Cox, I am the State Chairman for Utah's Federation of College Republicans and I am looking for these very qualities that you have discussed in your blog.

We need strong leadership for our party and a new direction back to the conservative principles that we can and should be fighting for.

I think Ken Blackwell is just the man for the job, and has the work ethic, the values, and the vision to help rebuild our party from the ground up with a solid foundation of conservative ideology.

Shan said...

Hi my name is Shandon Cox and I am the chapter chair for the Dixie State College Republicans. I think that Ken Blackwell will do an outstanding job at rebuilding our party!

SDC_26 said...

I am Spencer Critchett, I am a Utah College Republican, and I support Ken Blackwell for the RNC chairman

Bruce R. Hough said...

Hello Edward, Shan (related to Edward by marriage?)and Spencer. Thanks for you response to my blog. I'm meeting with Ken on Monday and hope to get a better sense about him. Can you tell me why he is your choice and further, can you tell how you are so in the loop on this election? If you are totally into this... check out the site and add yourselves... follow me and who knows, I might follow you! I met two of your colleagues at Reagan Airport in D.C. last weekend. I would love to keep in touch and work with your group going forward. Bruce

ucr.strand said...

My name is Jeremy Strand, I'am currently the Vice State Chairman for the UFCR and I thought I'd express my thoughts on your blog.

I have great conviction that the RNC needs someone who is firm and well grounded in conservative philosophy who reflects the values of limited government, low taxation, and strong defense.

I have looked at a couple different candidates and I have personally concluded that Ken Blackwell is a man that stands firm in these Republican values. His education and experience as an entrepeneur and diplomat will be useful to our party for bolstering up support for the upcoming battles. Simply put, the RNC needs a leader who will reform the party back to our conservative principles and ideas that we as the party hold so dear.