Sunday, December 7, 2008

Pearl Harbor and the Twin Towers

Unprovoked, except for what America stands for. I hope today we have each taken a moment to reflect on the reality of the world we live in. First, thanks to those who have died and sacrificed for our freedom; and second, we need an understanding of the face of evil in the world.

Those who would kill innocents to "punish" a country's love of freedom is evil. It happened at Pearl Harbor, where we at least could identify the enemy of nations; and it happened at the Twin Towers, the Pentagon, and a Pennsylvania field. In the latter case, identifying the enemy has not been as easy. The enemy knows no boundaries, is beholden to no nations, is adept at brainwashing young people to kill themselves, and is willing to kill members of its own religion as well as all "infidels" that do not tow the line of their extremist and radical ideology. They have literally hijacked one the planets major religions and turned its own factions into a terror network that puts our nation at the front of this new war.

Though this war is different from those we have fought before it is more insidious in its nature. It is imperative that our leaders recognize the enemy for what they are and that they take steps to win this war. To do otherwise is to dishonor all those who have died before to preserve liberty and freedom for America and elsewhere.

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