Friday, October 3, 2008

Palin Packs a Pretty Punch...Line!

Sarah Palin vs "say it ain't so" Joe Biden... Okay, on substance, they both stuck to the talking points pretty well, but connecting to the American people... Sarah scored a knockout. But I have to give Joe Biden credit, it may be one of his best performances of his career, less gaffs (though he had a few good ones) and very little condescension towards Sarah... that must have just killed him... to say he was disciplined is to understate the difficulty he had in containing himself. He looks a little condescending... don't you think?

The big win for Sarah was that the mainstream media couldn't report today that she bombed and what a horrible mistake McCain made in picking her. On the contrary even the liberal press had to give her props for her performance. When Sarah is talking to the the "folks" she does great.

She also showed that her five weeks on the national stage competed very well vs. Joe Biden's 35 years on the national stage. The fact that she held her own, was not intimidated and spoke directly to him and at him was impressive. But most of all she seemed to channel Ronald Reagan with his "there you ago again" humor and counterargument.

I think Joe was looking a little nervous at times... maybe even a little hot under the collar.

It all helps McCain who has had a bad couple of weeks... Unfortunately, I wish he had pulled his maverick card out of the deck and played it this past week. Yes, there is a credit crisis that needs to be solved and the federal government does have a role in solving it, primarily because they were complicit in causing the crisis. But a few days of riding out the crisis to get a better piece legislation would have been a better response. Though I agree with raising the FDIC Insurance levels and changing the make to market accounting rules, I would much rather have had the Feds insure the mortgages but have them administered by the private market. The last thing we need is to have the Feds take on more responsibility and we certainly do not need to make the Treasury Secretary diefied where he can make huge economic decisions without any oversight. And of course speaking of oversight, it's not that we don't have enough regulation, we do. What we don't have is oversight that audits how those regulations are being implemented and reporting the consequences of those regulations back to congress... oh wait we did do that too... congress just didn't listen, because they are smarter than the rest of us and those charged with oversight.... maybe we need to change the congress instead of the oversight professionals...hmmmmm. There is plenty of bi-partisan blame to go around... but what we don't need is lifetime members of congress who take hundreds of thousands of dollars from quasi-governmental entities as campaign donations that tend to sway their view of what works and what does not work.

I'd love to see Palin do a government waste audit. Take names kick tush and move on...
Bottom line... Palin helps McCain, Biden doesn't help Obama so much... But ultimately it is McCain and Obama (though I did love it when Palin called Biden, O'Biden, LOL!) But, it will be a long hard push for McCain/Palin to win this election... but it can still be done, believe it!
Did Joe inappropriately "brush" Palin's backside? Then, why is she scolding him!?

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