Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Convention - Day 2

Senator Bob Bennett hosted breakfast for us today and presented each delegate with a book entitled, "200 Notable Days - Senate Stories 1787 to 2002". The amazing thing is that they could find 200 notable days in the history of the senate... No offense intended...

We had a nice lunch at a law firm downtown in Minneapolis hosted by Orrin Hatch... Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell stopped by to say hi...

The best part though was having Lee Greenwood sing a couple songs including a new on called "USA Today" and of course he finished off with his American Anthem, "Proud to Be an American"...

Many of the delegation members continued the service orientation of this convention by participating in a service project at the Jeremiah Program that assists single mothers and their children to break the cycle of poverty by providing a campus community where they can prosper through education and focusing on the the decisions that participants make to move them forward out of poverty. Utah Party Vice Chairman Todd Weiler set up the lunch at his law firm in Minneapolis and arranged for the service projects.

Some of us ended up at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, which happened to be right on the Mississippi River... The bridge crossing the river was a nice place for a walk... no, they are not secret service it is Jason Chaffetz, 3rd District Congressional Candidate, (dare I say, presumptive congressman?); Bankers Association President Howard Headlee, and Legislative Candidate Lavar Christensen.

Phyllis Schlafly held a Pro-Life event that was originally going to feature Governor Sarah Palin... but of course her schedule has been a bit disrupted recently... that whole veep nod from McCain messed with Schlafly's program... My guess was she would be unable to attend due to her new gig as Veep Candidate. I was right but not disapoimted because her replacememt was Laura Ingraham... Who was looking pretty fine and gave great comments on Palin. She was wildly received by the Pro-Life receptioin attendees. There were however a couple of outbursts of pro-choicers and Phyllis (who is probably as old as Cloris Leachman, who played another Phyllis on television) took a poster out of the protester's hands, ripped it in two, lowered the microphone and invited the protester to leave. I can see doing this in a public place but in a private reception it just seems ridiculous. Way to go Phyllis!! But she had a pretty good substitute in Radio Talk Show Host Laura Ingraham... She spoke about the Vice Presidential nominee in glowing terms and enumerated her qualifications and her character.

The evening session of the Convention included speeches byLaura Bush and a satellite feed of President Bush. The biggest ovations have come when Laura enters the hall... she is considered by many to be one of the best first ladies in the modern era. She shows grace, intelligence and loving support for her husband in a genuine show of affection. Barbara Bush also got a huge ovation as she entered the hall.

Fred Thompson, provided some great lines in his speech including the one that refers to Obama's intent to only tax business and corporations... which will not effect any of us unless we choose to buy products and services from these businesses, like gas, groceries, automobiles, clothing, etc... Fred gave a great performance... He might want to consider show business... See his speech here.

Democrat Joe Lieberman really spoke to the television audience even though he was well received in the auditorium as well. He spoke to democrats, independents, and disaffected republicans to let them know that even by liberal standards, Barack Obama is too liberal and too inexperienced to lead the country, especially when compared to John McCain. This is a fairly historic moment to have such a leading Democrat cross party lines and attend the Republican Convention... further demonstration that the Maverick John McCain is indeed a maverick...

We had a nice Ice Cream Social back at the hotel with the delegation, some of us dressed down for this occasion after being dressed up all day... Can you guess who's legs these are?








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